Captain Trips #4

Posted: January 3, 2009
Category: Comics
In the forth issue of Captain Trips things are really starting to heat up. People are dying by the numbers and more and more are getting infected by the virus. The military is starting to understand that things will soon be out of hand and that a disaster is on the verge of happening.

We get to se more about our main characters struggle to understand what is happening and also how they cope with the loss of their loved once. Franks mother is getting sick, Larry’s mother is sick, Nick is left in charge since the sheriff is sick. They all have one thing in common though and that is that none of them are feeling sick. None of them are infected and even though Stu has been exposed to the virus he remains well.

We also get to see a little of Randal Flagg at the end of the issue and I hope he will be back for more in the finale in the next issue. He really looks mean and Mike Perkins has captured him very good. He looks every bit as creepy as he is in the book.

As for bonus material we get a list of plagues that exists in the real world and even though it’s interesting reading I really don’t feel that it works all that well here.

We also get to see how an issue is transformed from script to final issue. Everything from how the text is written to the illustrations and how the cover is done. This do fit in here and is very interesting to read. At the end of the issue there is also a taste of what to expect in issue #5.

Lilja's final words about Captain Trips #4:

Captain Trips just keeps getting better and better and I must admit that I still, after four issues, get very impressed with what I see. The story if very well told and the illustrations match them perfectley. I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and look out for a mention of Lilja's Library in the issue.