Treachery #1

Posted: September 9, 2008
Category: Comics
The Gunslingers are back once again. This time the story arc is called Treachery and as with the second arc it begins where the arc before it ended. We now learn that Alan and Bert will be considered Gunslingers because of what they have been through and that without having to battle Cort for it, they’ll get their guns. To little surprise this isn’t received well by the other gunslingers to be. Most of them feel that the two boys got their guns way to easy…

Roland on the other hand returns into Maerlyn’s Grapefruit where he once again encounters The Crimson King. The difference this time is that he manages to escape on his own. There is no question however that he is addicted to it, that and that Farson and his men are on the move again.

The first history lesson in the new story arc is called Injured Hawks and Failed Gunslingers and deals with the coming of age ritual that every potential gunslinger has to pass to get his guns…and what happens to them who fails the test.

As an extra bonus we also get some page layouts for some of the pages in the issue and it’s quite interesting to see the difference between them and the finished once.

It feels very good to kick of the third arc and if the other issues are as good as this, the first one, I know that both you and I will be very happy with it. Believe it or not but Robin, Jae, Peter, Richard and the rest has managed to keep the quality and the feeling from the previous issues alive even there. I can’t say that I’m surprised they did but I am very happy.

Lilja's final words about Treachery #1:

I get the feeling that the character gallery is widening with this third story arc. It looks like we’ll get to see more of Roland, Alan and Bert’s fathers as well as Farson and his people…