Locke & Key #4

Posted: June 30, 2008
Category: Almost King
In issue #4 of Locke & Key we get a whole lot of background to why the things that happen happen. We get to know what kind of life Sam had while growing up and we also get to know that he had a connection with the Locke family before the tragic events that ended up with Sam shooting Rendell.

It’s also painfully clear that Sam never will be normal again. He is, and will always be, a psychopath. However, it seams he knows something that we don’t. While still in school (having Rendell as his principal) he caught a drawing of the wellhouse at the Lovecraft. While looking at it he seas it’s ghost telling him to help it.

Now he’s set his sight for Lovecraft but I’m not that convinced that he is going there to kill the family. I think he might even go there to save someone, time will tell…

The more I read of Locke & Key the more I like it. The storyline by Joe Hill is very impressive and that in combination with Gabriel Rodriguez illustrations makes this comic one of the best out there.

Lilja's final words about Locke & Key #4:

I guess most of you that read this review have checked out an issue of Locke & Key already but if you haven’t please do. It’s never too late to discover this fine comic!

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