Suffer the Little Children

Posted: September 25, 2007
Category: Dollar Babies
Many Dollar Babies aren’t that good but from time to time there is one that really stands out and grabs you. Suffer the Little Children is one of those grabbers. The story is easy to translate to a movie and it doesn’t really demand that much.

There are some special effects in it and those are handled surprisingly well. We get to see a kid with black eyes and also how he transforms into some kind of monster. That transformation is one of the best special effects I have seen in a Dollar Baby.

I was really surprised to see that it was so well done and that they showed so much of what was happening.

I also really liked the teacher played by Angela Pietropinto. She really looks crazy and works very well in the movie.

Suffer the Little Children is the story about a teacher that starts to see changes in one of her students. Hi eyes are turning black and he is acting all creepy. After a while he also shows here that he can transform. That’s were the special effects happens.

Since she knows nobody will believe her she decides to take matters into her own hands. One by one she leads the children to a private room. Here she plans to shoot them all to after the other. The only problem is that she doesn’t really know if she’s right or if she’s crazy…

Lilja's final words about Suffer the Little Children:

Suffer the Little Children is definitely a Dollar Baby you should see if you get the chance. It’s a good story, has good acting and superb special effects.

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