Posted: August 24, 2007
Category: Movies
1408 is the story about Mike Enslin (John Cusack), the author of many books like “10 Haunted Lighthouses” and “10 Haunted Houses.” Enslin travels around the US staying in places that are supposedly haunted and then writes about his experiences, acting as a critic and rating each location on a scare scale.

When we first meet Enslin, he is working on his latest book “Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms.” So far he in his career he has not experienced anything extraordinary, but then again he hasn’t stayed at the Dolphin Hotel—until now.

Against the hotels manager’s (Samuel L. Jackson) admonitions, Enslin checks in to room 1408 and that’s when the nightmare begins.

During his short stay in the room Enslin experiences more supernatural things then he has ever believed possible…and this is a man that makes a living from staying in supposedly haunted locations. Now he finds himself in a battle for his life.

Both Jackson and Cusack portray their characters very well and since most of the story takes place in one single room (much like in Misery) that is very important. We also get to see Mary McCormack as Enslin’s wife Lily and Jasmine Jessica Anthony as their daughter Katie. They, like Cusack and Jackson, give the audience what they can expect and then some...

1408 is brought to the screen by Swedish director Mikael Håfström and he is really giving it all he’s got. The story has been expanded from King’s novel but in a nice way that doesn’t really add any surprises or disappointments. It’s more as if Håfström has stretched the story so that what’s already in there only gets a bit more filling. Well done!

Besides all this, there are also a lot of special effects in the movie and I’m very pleased with how they are done. Everything from water coming out of a painting to ghosts jumping out of windows looks very believable and I really enjoyed watching 1408.

Lilja's final words about 1408:

1408 is one of the best King adaptations in a long time and my guess is that no one will be disappointed after seeing it. In other words, what ever you do, don’t miss this one!