Posted: March 26, 2007
Category: Dollar Babies
When I get a Dollar Baby to review it varies quite a lot when it comes to how it’s packed and presented. Some I get as a file in an email, some I get on a burnt CD or on a videocassette. Sometimes though (and this is the nice once) I get a Dollar Baby that is on a nice looking DVD disk, that has a nice cover, menus and even trailers. Those, needless to say, are the times it’s extra fun to review Dollar Babies…

Popsy was sent to me on a nice disc in a nice DVD case with a nice cover. The cover was done as an old EC comic and the overall feeling was very promising.

I popped it in my DVD player and it looked quite professional. It had a trailer for another of Brian Haynes movies, it had a trailer for Popsy and it had a scene selection where the scenes where illustrated by comic versions of the actual scene. Quite impressive for a Dollar Baby.

But, having seen a lot of Dollar Babies I know better then to just fall for a nice cover…if you know what I mean. So, I calmed down and pressed play…

After seeing the movie, I’m happy to say, I was still impressed. Popsy is a very good looking Dollar Baby. Sure you can tell that the acting is done by amateurs, good amateurs but still amateurs. It’s a nice looking movie though. The week link in the movie is the kid… he is good in some scenes and not so good in some. It gives an average feeling that he is OK but could do better. I’m also a bit skeptical to the biting scenes. It looks a bit to fake…

What I do like though is the over all feeling of Popsy. And of course the scene at the end where Popsy slit Sheridan throat and let his grandson drink. Very well done for a Dollar Baby.

Lilja's final words about Popsy:

So, for a Dollar Baby Popsy is definitely above average. Brian has done a good job with it and I sure hope it will reach out to more people in the future. With the number of Dollar Babies out there it’s definitely time for a DVD with the best of them collected…and if that happens I bet you will find Popsy included.

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