Caitlin Carmichael

Posted: December 6, 2011
Caitlin Carmichael plays Kyra Devore in Bag of Bones, A&E's miniseries based on King's book and I had a chance to chat with her. Here is what she had to say.

Lilja: You’re are only 7 years old but have still managed to work as an actress for three years in numerous movies and TV series. How did your career start?

Caitlin Carmichael: When I was 3 years old, I went to Los Angeles with my mommy and grandmother on vacation with some other kids who wanted to “get into the business.” We lived in Georgia, and we didn’t know what “the business” really was. We were going to LA for fun and to go see Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, and, of course, Disneyland. I met Jeremy Apody with Abrams Artists on that trip. He asked if he could talk to me, and I, of course, just talked and talked and talked….. He asked my mommy if we could fly back and forth for auditions because he thought I was “special.” When we got back to Georgia – that very next day – Mr. Jeremy called and said Jenny McCarthy needed someone to play her 4-year old daughter and he thought I could do it. My mommy and I flew right back out, and I had my first audition. And guess what? I booked it!!!! That was January 2008 – almost 4 years ago. I worked for about 2 weeks with Ms. Jenny and Mr. Jeremy asked my mommy if we could stay for 12 weeks during pilot season. I booked 7 jobs during those 12 weeks, and we’re still on our 12 weeks 4 years later. My mommy and I call it “our fairytale.”

Lilja: How did you get the part of Kyra Devore in Bag of Bones?

Caitlin Carmichael: My agent and manager sent me the audition information and asked me to tape for it. The casting office was in New York. So, my coach, Ms. Lori Lively, read the scenes with me and taped my audition for me. My manager, Mr. Adam Griffin, sent the tape to New York. About a week later, my mommy and I were at the beach with some friends when my agent, Ms. Wendi Green, called to tell me that I had booked it and that I’d be working in Canada. I was so excited!

Lilja: Was Bag of Bones a scary miniseries to work on?

Caitlin Carmichael: Actually it wasn’t scary at all. I’ve done a lot of scary movies and TV shows (“Lizzie” about Lizzie Borden, “The Wicked” about the legend of a wicked witch who eats children to stay young and “True Blood” on HBO). All of those taught me about special effects. I love learning about special effects. It is so cool! “Bag of Bones” IS scary – it’s REALLY scary – so people watching it should BEWARE. It is Stephen King! But, for me working on it, it wasn’t scary at all.

Lilja: How did the rest of the cast treat you? I hope they were nice to you.

Caitlin Carmichael: The entire cast and crew were great. They are like family to me now and I loved every day I spent with them. Mick Garris, the director, is the coolest, funnest, silliest director I’ve ever worked with. He taught me so much stuff about making a movie and even let me yell “Action!” once. Mr. Pierce gave me piggy-back rides and took me out on a boat. And, Melissa George was so nice to me and pretty. Mr. Jason Priestly lives close to me, and all of my friends were excited that I got to have my picture made with the Princess from “The Princess and the Frog.” That was Ms. Anika. Ahram, our sound guy, told me funny jokes and made me laugh, and Doug, the key grip, gave BIG hugs. Troy spoiled me with molasses cookies (yum!) and Jim raced me to buckle my seat belt every day. Mr. Eric taught me about stunts, and Ms. Maggie taught me about continuity. I made a LOT of new friends. There were two girls my age in the movie, Fiona and Cienna, and I’ll be friends with them for the rest of my life!

Lilja: What was most fun working with Bag of Bones?

Caitlin Carmichael: Oh my! That’s a hard question. I LOVE Nova Scotia. I actually think I’m part Haligonian. On my off days, I got to go to museums, art galleries, Cow’s Ice Cream (the best ice cream EVER!), and eat fresh seafood. There are a lot of fun things to see and do in Halifax. But, my FAVORITE thing I did and most fun for me when I was working and when I wasn’t working (even on my off days) was sitting with Mick, the director, and watching the monitors and hanging out on set.

Lilja: Your face is on the poster, have you seen it displayed in public? How does that feel?

Caitlin Carmichael: It makes me giggle a lot! Mommy and I were driving down Sunset Blvd when I saw my face on the billboard. I started screaming! Really! Screaming! I let down my window and started yelling at the man in the white car beside us that it was me on that billboard. He thought I was crazy, but then he actually saw me on the billboard. It was cool! Every time I see a new poster at a bus stop, I giggle. And, when someone we know calls to say that he or she’s seen a new poster, I giggle again. I don’t think I’ll ever stop giggling about this! It’s really cool!

Lilja: Do you get noticed on the street now that you have been in several movies and TV series?

Caitlin Carmichael: I have gotten noticed a few times. It’s funny that most of the times were when I was in Canada filming “Bag of Bones.” Several kids recognized me from the Disney show “Shake It Up” and from “iCarly.”

Lilja: What's next for you now that your finished with Bag of Bones?

Caitlin Carmichael: Well, I’ve been busy since I got back to Los Angeles. I started 3rd grade. I take voice lessons on Mondays, feed the homeless at our church on Tuesdays, have soccer practice on Wednesdays, take ballet and tap dance on Thursdays, and have soccer games on Saturday mornings. I booked a guest star role on “CSI: Miami,” a lead role on “Reality, Inc.,” played the daughter of Joey Lauren Adams on “Super Moms,” and booked a recurring role on the TV show, “Retired at 35.” That was all in November! Right now I’m actually in Arizona filming a new movie called “Saving Santa.” I booked a lead role and will be here for almost 3 weeks making this movie. I can’t wait for the “Bag of Bones” premiere on December 8th and it being on A&E on the 11th and 12th. I think we’re going to have to have a “Bag of Bones” party here in Arizona when it airs. :-)

Lilja: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me and good luck in the future.