Castle Rock World Premieres At Comic-Con

Posted: June 20, 2018, 08:24
Deadline reports that Castle Rock is heading for Comic-Con.

Castle Rock doesn’t premiere on Hulu until July 25, but San Diego Comic-Con attendees will get a lot more than a sneak peek at the psychological-horror drama. The entire opening episode of the J.J. Abrams-produced series based on Stephen King’s stories will be played for fans at the confab next month.

Abrams is working on the next Star Wars movie over in the U.K., so he won’t be in Ballroom 20, but a Castle Rock panel with stars Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard, Melanie Lynskey and more will be there. Although it is not 100% yet that Andre Holland will be there, that panel is where the special screening is set to take place for fans too. With all that, King himself will not be in the house in any form or fashion as of right now. Yet, there is a chance that SDCC vet Abrams might show his face via video, but that is still under discussion and a matter of scheduling.

San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 19-22.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma