Win Joyland on audio

Posted: May 21, 2013, 10:58:19

I got two copies of King’s upcoming book Joyland on audio that I want to send to two of you. And to get one you need to go through these steps, add/subtract the numbers, answer the question and send me the result.

Step 1: Following Lilja’s Library on Facebook.

Step 2: Add the year when The Green Mile was first released.

Step 3: Head over to Add the number of the month for when I started counting visitors for the site.

Step 4: Follow me on Lilja Says on facebook .

Step 5: Subtract the number of times I have interviewed Stephen King.

Step 6: Take the first two numbers in the numbers of followers Lilja’s Library have on facebook and add them.

Step 7: Add the number for the month the book version of Lilja’s Library was released.

Step 8: Subtract the number of copies the most expensive edition of Joyland was released in.

Step 9: Add the number for the day when Lilja Says joined facebook.

Step 10: Tell me the name of one King book released in the year you get after adding and subtracting these numbers.

You need to send in the answer (by email info[a] before June 3 to be entered in the contest. The winners will be announced on Monday June 4.

Good luck! Oh, and the ontest is open to anyone anywere!

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