Titles of Under the Dome episodes

Posted: May 14, 2013, 10:14:21

Here are the titles and a short description of episode 4-7 of Under the Dome.

- - SPOILERS - -

Episode 1.04 – “Outbreak”
An epidemic breaks out in Chester’s Mill, and the clinic is running out of medicine to treat people.

Episode 1.05 – “Blue On Blue”
A soldier outside the dome tells Barbie that the military is getting ready to leave, and that the government is afraid that the dome is starting to affect magnetic fields.

Episode 1.06 – “The Endless Thirst”
Store looting becomes a problem when the townspeople worry that water and food are running out.

Episode 1.07 – “Broadcast Signal Intrusion”
Joe and Norrie head for the center of the dome to try to find what's causing it. Harriet goes into labor.

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