Hill on Under the Dome

Posted: May 11, 2013, 05:50:50

Remeber my post about Joe Hill seeing the pilot of Under the Dome? Well, here is a comment on that from the people behind Under the Dome:

Well, we have received our first official review of the Under the Dome pilot…and it comes from none other than author Stephen King ‘s son, author Joe Hill. This means, A. the pilot is actually done, or at least in a fine cut at this point, B. Stephen King does not dislike it enough to not allow his son to see it, and C. Joe Hill likes to go public with nearly everything he thinks. The Under the Dome pilot does not air on CBS until June 24th, so it is not uncommon for a pilot to be finished this long before a premiere date. Pus, CBS gave an order to make Under the Dome a straight-to-series type of series. This means, that they decided to go forward with 13 episodes without even seeing a pilot. This used to never happen, especially. when shows like Michael Bay’s The Last Boat get a order and they decide to wait a full calendar year between shooting the pilot and the first regular episode. However, these days, anything is possible in television, even broadcast television. Of course, comparing it to Lost is a little unimaginative for a best-selling author, but I am sure he is not allowed to say much more. Conjuring up memories of Lost is probably what the Under the Dome producers want him to do anyway. Whatever works for ratings, I guess.

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