Trailer For Season 3

Posted: April 26, 2015, 00:34:23
Section: TV » Under the Dome

Here is a trailer for season 3 of Under the Dome.

Thanks to Herbert West

Eriq La Salle Cast in Under the Dome

Posted: April 24, 2015, 10:21:19
Section: TV » Under the Dome

ER alum Eriq La Salle will have double duty in CBS’ summer drama series Under The Dome. He’s been cast in a lead role for Season 3 and will direct episode 9.He previously directed an episode of Season 2. La Salle will play Hektor Martin, a ruthless CEO of the energy company run by Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) father.

King and Straub Talks Talisman & Black House

Posted: April 24, 2015, 02:31:01

King and Straub talks about The Talisman and Black House.

Peter Straub commented that he and King were bouncing ideas for Talisman 3 revolving around the Starkweather Murders. He read a book called "Redheaded Peckerwood is a work with a tragic underlying narrative – the story of 19 year old Charles Starkweather and 14 year old Caril Ann Fugate who murdered ten people"

Thanks to Randall Flagg and Papaseraphim

Mr Mercedes Trailer

Posted: April 23, 2015, 23:56:23
Section: Book » Mr. Mercedes (The Bill Hodges Trilogy #1)

Here is a teasertrailer for the UK paperback edition of Mr Mercedes.

Bruce Willis Talks Misery

Posted: April 23, 2015, 22:19:38

Here is a clip from Letterman with Bruce Willis talking about his Broadway debut in Misery.

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Yesterday at St. Francis College

Posted: April 23, 2015, 00:24:07

King and Straub at yesterday's event at St. Francis College.

Owen King, Emma Straub, Stephen King and Peter Straub

The Suicide Prince

Posted: April 22, 2015, 15:34:28
Section: Book » The Suicide Prince (The Bill Hodges Trilogy #3)

The big scoop yesterday at the event at St. Francis College was that the working title of the third book in the Bill Hodges Trilogy is The Suicide Prince.

Thanks to Herbert West

Ep 43: The Other Carries

Posted: April 21, 2015, 17:00:55
Section: General news » Podcast

With your hosts - longtime Faithful Reader - Hans Lilja of Lilja's Library and podcaster - Lou Sytsma.

Welcome to Episode 43 of The Stephen King Podcast!

Your co-hosts Hans Lilja & Lou Sytsma review the other Carrie movies you may may not be aware of:

1) The Bryan Fuller - of the Hannibal TV series fame - 2002 TV movie adaptation
2) The Rage: Carrie2 - the 1999 theatrical sequel

Find out what we thought of them!

Shout! Factory
Carrie / The Rage: Carrie 2 [Double Feature] Blu Ray

Plus we kick off our discussions of Richard Chizmar's - owner of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Publications - thoughts on reading all the Stephen King novels over at - Stephen King Revisited.

We start with at the beginning with Carrie.

Stephen King Revisited article links:

1) How Carrie Happened by Bev Vincent
2) King, Carrie, and a Religious Revelation by Ray Garton
3) Carrie: The Curious Case of George Chizmar by Richard Chizmar
4) Revisiting Carrie by Richard Chizmar

As always, we bring you the latest Stephen King news.

We hope you enjoy this episode and, as usual, we want to hear from you.

Good or bad, we want it all!

You can leave us comments, questions, topic suggestions at:

1) FaceBook - Lilja's Library

2) Audio Message - Speak Pipe widget on the right hand of the podcast page (send voicemail)

In this podcast:

1) 00:00 - Intro

2) 00:57 - Podcast Setup

3) 01:18 - From The Death Room - The Latest Stephen King News

4) 29:20 - Reviews From The NightShift - The Other Carries

5) 1:05:39 - Stephen King Revisited - Carrie

6) 1:28:04 - Sign Off

7) 37:08 - Outre


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Finders Keepers Excerpt in Mr Mercedes Paperback

Posted: April 21, 2015, 11:45:11
Sections: Book » Finders Keepers (The Bill Hodges Trilogy #2), Book » Mr. Mercedes (The Bill Hodges Trilogy #1)

The UK paperback of Mr Mercedes is out on Thursday and it contains an excerpt from Finders Keepers!

Full list of stories for The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Posted: April 20, 2015, 15:56:10
Section: Book » The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Here is the full list of stories in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams:

Author’s note
1. Mile 81 – Scribner e.
2. Premium Harmony – 2009 New Yorker
3. Batman and Robin Have an Altercation – Harpers 2012
4. The Dune – Granta 2011
5. Bad Little Kid – New; Serial
6. A Death
7. The Bone Church – poem
8. Morality – Esquire 2009
9. Afterlife – Tin House 2013
10. Ur – 2009 Amazon e.
11. Herman Wouk is Still Alive – The Atlantic 2011
12. Under the Weather – Mass Market FDNS
13. Blockade Billy – Scribner e.
14. Mister Yummy – New; Serial
15. Tommy – Playboy poetry
16. The Little Green God of Agony – A Book of Horrors 2011
17. That Bus is Another World - Esquire
18. Obits – New; Serial
19. Drunken Fireworks
20. Summer Thunder – Cemetery Dance 2013


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