All You Need To Know About Limited Charlie

Posted: December 7, 2016, 20:52:12
Section: Book » Charlie the Choo Choo

Here is the latest info about the limited UK edition of Charlie the Choo Choo straight from Waterstones Customer Support:

- The official line is that this is a “scripted signature”.
- In the US, the actress was presented as Beryl and signed the prints using “Beryl’s signature”.
- The same signature appears on the prints, but it was a third person who held the pen.
- To be clear, Stephen King did not sign them.

From before we know the following:
- Release date is December 15
- It’s released in 1,000 copies
- Price is £20.00
- It has a slipcase

Mr Mercedes To Film In Charleston

Posted: December 7, 2016, 10:49:02
Section: TV » Mr Mercedes

Mr Mercedes is going to be filmed in Charleston.

Stephen King's 2014 novel "Mr Mercedes," a police thriller and the first of the best-selling author's Bill Hodges Trilogy, will be made into a 10-episode TV series to be shot in Charleston starting early next year.

The book was adapted by showrunner David E. Kelley and produced by Sonar Entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It will star Brendan Gleeson (HBO's "Into the Storm") and premier in 2018 on DirecTV and AT7T Uverse. Executive producers are Kelley and Jack Bender.

The production team currently is looking for background extras and stand-ins. For information, go to their site.

Thanks to Dimitris Tso

What’s Happening At Lilja’s Library?

Posted: December 7, 2016, 09:12:53

Here is a reminder of what’s happening here at Lilja’s Library.

Christmas is soon upon us and if you haven’t gotten all your gift shopping done here is a great chance to give someone a copy of Charlie the Choo Choo. Enter here

I have been nagging you about sending in a photo of you and something connected to Lilja’s Library so that we can all see all the fans of this site and of Stephen King’s work look like. Well, some of you have and some of you haven’t. But don’t fear, the contest is still open and you can still enter. The prize is a copy of my upcoming book Shining in the Dark: Celebrating Twenty Years of Lilja’s Library so make sure you get creative. Enter here

I’ll be starting a new photo page for Charlie the Choo Choo (like this) so get your camera or phone out and start getting those selfies.

So, click those links, enter those contests and take those photos! / Lilja

You & Lilja's Library

Posted: December 7, 2016, 09:03:18

As you know (and if you didn’t you do now) Lilja’s Library celebrates 20 years this year and I want to celebrate that as much as I can. And you also know that the site wouldn’t be worth anything if no one read it. So, in order to celebrate that I want to involve you.

I want to do something similar to the photos you send in with yourself and one of King’s books but this time I want you to send in a photo of yourself and Lilja’s Library. Lilja’s Library you might ask? Yes, take a photo of yourself and Lilja’s Library in some form. It could be you in front of the computer (where you can see Lilja’s Library), it could be a photo of you and my book, it could be a photo of you and your tattoo of Marv (if anyone has one), or any other form of Lilja’s Library. Draw Marv and pose with him, read the site on your phone and take a photo of you doing it…your imagination is the limit. The rule is that Lilja’s Library and you need to be in the photo (and not just a toe or a finger, your face at least). That’s it. Not to hard right?

And to make it even more fun, one of you that send in a photo will get a prize. I will draw the photo I like the best (what I like is for me to know and you to find out) as the winner. If you have already sent a photo and think: "darn I should have been more creative", then just send another one. The prize is a copy of my upcoming anthology Shining in the Dark: Celebrating Twenty Years of Lilja’s Library that's released next year.

OK, so start sending in your photos, either by email to info[a] or post them on facebook or twitter. I will then pull them from there and post them on the site.

Check out the entries here.

I hope to SEE you soon! / Lilja

The Making of the Dark Tower: The Art of the Film

Posted: December 7, 2016, 08:44:57
Section: Film » The Dark Tower

This book looks more and more interesting if you ask me...

The Making of the Dark Tower
The Art of the Film
By Daniel Wallace

This deluxe, illustrated official companion to the Dark Tower movie—based on Stephen King’s bestselling seven volume series—explores the art and creation of this extraordinary film, starring Idris Elba as The Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as his nemesis, The Man in Black.

A gorgeous celebration of the art and creation of the Dark Tower movie, The Making of the Dark Tower includes interviews with actors and the director, the costume designer, and the set designer. From revealing how casting found the stars and the photography team scouted key locations, thoughts on where the Dark Tower can go from here, the book is organized into five parts.

Part I: The Path to the Tower discusses the origins of the saga and its thematic and cultural influences. Part II: The Gunslinger and the Man in Black profiles the two characters as two opposing forces. Part III: Mid-World is a journey through the bizarre wasteland of interdimensional detritus that is Mid-World. Part IV: Keystone World might be our Earth, but the Keystone World of the Dark Tower universe is also rocked by quakes and stretched thin by interdimensional stress. Part V: The Dark Tower is the wrap-up section collecting insights from the film’s major players, sharing their favorite memories and looking back on the journey that led them to this point.

Over three decades ago Stephen King introduced readers to Roland Deschain, the last Gunslinger. In 2003 King wrote the last of seven novels in the Dark Tower series. Now fans of the book and of the movie will welcome this big, beautiful, full-color book that they’ll need for their collections.

Ep. 66: Shining In The Dark Music Room

Posted: December 5, 2016, 09:23:00
Section: General news » Podcast

Welcome to the Stephen King Podcast Constant and New Listeners!

Join your hosts - longtime Constant Readers - Hans Lilja of Lilja's Library and writer/podcaster - Lou W. Sytsma.

Welcome to Episode 66 of The Stephen King Podcast!

In this installment, we review Stephen King's latest short story, part of the upcoming Anthology - The Music Room and the new book Hearts in Suspension.

Plus Hans is interviewed by me about his upcoming 20th Anniversary Anthology, titled - Shine In The Dark.

It's an awesome collection with rare pieces of fiction not easily available or brand new works done especially for this collection.

Contributors include:
"Celebrating 20 Years of Lilja's Library (An Introduction)" by Hans-Åke Lilja
"The Blue Air Compressor" by Stephen King
"The Net" by Jack Ketchum and P. D. Cacek
"The Novel of the Holocaust" by Stewart O'Nan
"Aeliana" by Bev Vincent
"Pidgin and Theresa" by Clive Barker
"An End To All Things " by Brian Keene
"Cemetery Dance" by Richard Chizmar
"Drawn to the Flame" by Kevin Quigley
"The Companion" by Ramsey Campbell
"A Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe
"A Mother's Love" by Brian James Freeman
"The Keeper's Companion" by John Ajvide Lindqvist
"Celebrating 20 Years of Lilja's Library (An Afterword)" by Hans-Åke Lilja

Covers illustrated by Vincent Chong & Interior Illustrations by Erin Wells.

Available for pre-order at Cemetery Dance - here

All that plus the latest Stephen King News!

We hope you enjoy this episode and, as usual, we want to hear from you.

Good or bad, we want it all!

You can leave us comments, questions, topic suggestions at:
1) FaceBook - Lilja's Library
2) Audio Message - Speak Pipe widget on the right hand of the podcast page (send voicemail)

In this podcast:
1) 00:00 - Intro
2) 00:30 - Podcast Setup
3) 01:08 - News From The DeathRoom
4) 28:55 - Reviews From The NightShift - Hearts In Suspension
5) 38:04 - Reviews From The NightShift - The Music Room
6) 44:00 - King Crate - Han's Upcoming Anthology - Shine In The Dark
7) 1:06:26 - Podcast Signoff
8) 1:08:07 - Outro

Intro Music - Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Outro Music - Stand By Me - Ben E. King

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Limited Signed Charlie the Choo Choo

Posted: December 3, 2016, 08:41:02
Section: Book » Charlie the Choo Choo

A beautiful limited edition slipcase of Charlie the Choo-Choo will publish on 15th December 2016 and includes a numbered and signed print by Beryl Evans. Copies will be available to buy from Waterstones. A hardback picture book edition will follow in the wider trade in July 2017 to tie in with the release of The Dark Tower film starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

No further info has been released about how many copies will be released or if it will be signed by King (signing as Beryl Evans) or by the actress who signed the book at Comic Con.

Order your copy (price £20) here.

Do A Shine Test In Sombra App

Posted: December 3, 2016, 02:40:38
Section: Film » The Dark Tower

The Sombra app got an update today and if you go to the employees section (and login) you can now take a "Shine test".

How td you login then you might ask? Well, I got this receipt when I got my copy of Charlie the Choo Choo at The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind.

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