Drunken Firework; A One-of-a-Kind Audio Event

Posted: May 13, 2015, 00:03
Simon & Schuster Audio and PLAY.IT will turn Drunken Firework into a one-of-a-kind audio publishing event by sharing Drunken Firework with listeners nationwide. CBS RADIO stations in more than 20 major markets across the US will drive tune-in to the special event on which takes place July 2nd.

Read the entire press release here.

“Great stories are often better when told out loud,” said King. “This event is a cool way for more people to discover just how fun listening to my stories can be.”

Thanks to Lou Sytsma

Plot For Drunken Fireworks

Posted: May 12, 2015, 23:49
Plot for Drunken Fireworks:

Alden McCausland and his mother are what they call “accident rich”; thanks to an unexpected life insurance policy payout and a winning Big Maine Millions scratcher, Alden and his Ma are able to spend their summers down by Lake Abenaki, idly drinking their days away in a three-room cabin with an old dock and a lick of a beach.

Across the lake, they can see what “real rich” looks like: the Massimo family’s Twelve Pines Camp, the big white mansion with guest house and tennis court that Alden’s Ma says is paid for by “ill-gotten gains” courtesy of Massimo Construction. When Alden’s holiday-weekend sparklers and firecrackers set off what over the next few years comes to be known as the 4th of July Arms Race, he learns how far he and the Massimos will go to win an annual neighborly rivalry – one that lands Alden in the Castle County jail.

Cover For UK Drunken Fireworks

Posted: March 26, 2015, 20:08
Here are some info and the UK cover for Drunken Fireworks from Hodder & Stoughton.

A new audiobook from Stephen King
Coming June 2015

From International No.1 bestselling author Stephen King, comes a brand-new, never-before-published audio only story on 30 June. Drunken Fireworks will be available from Hodder & Stoughton in both CD and digital download form.

In this new tour-de-force from Stephen King – unavailable in print or any other format – a salt-of-the-earth Maine native recounts how a friendly annual summer fireworks-show rivalry with his neighbour across the lake gradually spirals out of control…with explosive results.

Read by Tim Sample, and perfectly timed to coincide with 4 July Fireworks in the States, Drunken Fireworks will initially be released exclusively in audio before it is available as part of King's exciting new collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, coming on 3 November. Find out more here.

Drunken Fireworks - New Short Story

Posted: February 9, 2015, 23:09
Drunken Fireworks will be released on June 30 as an audio book and then included in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams when it's released in November. Here is what's posted on King's site about it.

Simon & Schuster Audio is thrilled to announce the publication of DRUNKEN FIREWORKS, a brand new story from Stephen King. DRUNKEN FIREWORKS will be released exclusively as an audiobook on June 30, 2015.

DRUNKEN FIREWORKS will be released on CD and as a digital download before it is published as one of the short stories in King’s collection, THE BAZAAR OF BAD DREAMS, coming from Simon & Schuster Audio and Scribner in November 2015.

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