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Grant's flyer for Song of Susannah

Posted: March 31, 2004.

Here is Grant's flyer for Song of Susannah.
Now you can order Grant's editions of Song of Susannah. I have also gotten a list of the contents of the book from one of the people who have received an ARC of the book. As usual you read at your own risk...there may be spoilers.

You can also pre-order the UK edition of The Dark Tower VI now. Just use this link.


Posted: March 30, 2004.

Kingdom Hospital has moved from Wednesdays to Thursdays starting this week. That actually means we will get the same episode twice this week. Hook's Kingdom will first air on Wednesday March 31st and then REBROADCAST on Thursday April 1st. After that it's Thursdays that is Kingdom day!

Here is Andrew McCarthy's interview from 20/20.

Now I'm happy to be able to give all you loyal readers the chance to order the Dark Tower inspired CD Territories at a 25% discount. You only pay $9.95 instead of $12.95. The offer is valid between March 30 and April 15 2004. Don't forget to check out my review of the CD.

The remake of Salem's Lot will air on June 20 and June 21 2004 on TNT.

Andrew McCarthy n 20/20

Posted: March 28, 2004.

Don't miss Deborah Roberts interview with Andrew McCarthy about his battles with alcohol and his recent comeback on 20/20 on Monday March 29.

Hook's Kingdom

Posted: March 25, 2004.

Here is the description of episode 5 of Kingdom Hospital called Hook's Kingdom (airs on March 31):

The psychic Mrs. Druse is called to assist when the trapped evil spirit of a tortured teenaged boy wreaks havoc on the staff, patients and innocent spirits inhabiting Kingdom Hospital. Meanwhile Dr. Hook forges a relationship of the mortal variety.

Now you can check out the cover for Bev Vincent's book The Road to The Dark Tower.

A description of Song of Susannah is now up at Read it at your own risk...

A book about baseball

Posted: March 23, 2004.

We have all asked the question. "What will be King's next book after The Dark Tower 7?" Well, guess what? It'll be a book about baseball!

To the right is a scan of the cover of Stephen King's The Dark Tower: A Concordance, Volume II. Unfortunately there isn't a bigger one available at this time...

King will be doing a cameo in Kingdom Hospital

Posted: March 20, 2004.

The moderator of King's message board has now confirmed that King will be doing a cameo in Kingdom Hospital. No specific episode was mentioned but it will air later in the season.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

An unknown poem by King has appeared on eBay. It's a poem with the title Dino that was published in Salt Hill Journal in 1994. King apparently agreed to submit the poem to the magazine as a favor to his friend, former program director and writer Stephen Dobyns. The copy that is on sale at eBay is one of approximately 5 copies signed by King as part of a benefit auction for the magazine.

Please note thought that I haven't gotten confirmation that this info is correct yet.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Donald M. Grant reports that their flyer for Song of Susannah is at the printers and soon sent out. They have also updated their website and now has images of all the different editions of Wolves of the Calla.
Thanks to Ron Glenn.

The West Side of Midnight

Posted: March 19, 2004.

Thanks to Bev Vincent
OK, now it's theoretically possible to read Song of Susannah, the ARC's are starting to find their way out there. Here is the cover of the US ARC.

Here is a description of episode 4 of Kingdom Hospital:

The West Side of Midnight

Peter channels questions and messages from Kingdom Hospital’s nine-year-old spiritual prisoner, Mary, through to Dr. Hook and Mrs. Druse, while his psychotic roommate begins to carry out the evil intentions of Mary’s very wicked nemesis, Paul. Meanwhile, the hospital staff witnesses the resurgence of some of Kingdom Hospital’s darkest, most deeply buried secrets.

UK cover for The Dark Tower VII

Posted: March 18, 2004.

Yesterday I gave you the US cover for The Dark Tower VII and I'm extremely happy to be able to show you the UK cover today. It follows the same style as the others.

Cover for The Dark Tower VII

Posted: March 17, 2004.

OK, here is what you have been waiting for; here is the cover for The Dark Tower VII. This is the cover of the audio edition and please note that this is a draft but I doubt it will change much, though.

Remember where you saw it first...

The Passion of Alicia

Posted: March 16, 2004.

King's new column is out in the March 19 issue of Entertainment Weekly. This one is called The Passion of Alicia.
Thanks to Bev Vincent

King is featured in the June 2004 Ellery Queen magazine. There is a reprint of The Wedding Gig and a new (short) interview with him about the magazine.
Thanks to Brent Phillips.

This is from the moderator of King's official site and explains what happened to the rebroadcast of episode 2 of Kingdom Hospital:

ABC originally intended to rebroadcast the second episode of Kingdom Hospital this past Saturday night. but did not do so because they had objections from the advertisers of America's Funniest Home Videos which was already slotted for that time period. We did not find out in time to notify you that ABC had changed their plans for the Saturday rebroadcast. We apologize for the inconvenience. They have told us they will rebroadcast this Saturday but we would suggest checking your local listings.

Remake of Pet Sematary

Posted: March 15, 2004.

Here is the latest news about the remake of Pet Sematary from Dark Horizons:

This "jump-out-of-your-cushion-seat do over" of the 1989 film will apparently concentrate on performances just as much as scares this time around. Why? The lead role - Paramount apparently wants George Clooney to play Dr. Creed. That may be the sole reason why the studio ultimately decided to go ahead and do a remake rather than a second sequel to the original film. No actual signings as yet though. The same writer of this version's script is also doing "Book of Skulls" about a transcript possessing powers of immortality - William Friedkin may have expressed interest.
Thanks to Anders.

Goodbye Kiss

Posted: March 11, 2004.

Here is the description of episode 3 of Kingdom Hospital called Goodbye Kiss:

When a murderous convict draws out a new element of evil among the mortal and spiritual worlds at Kingdom Hospital, the trapped ghost of an innocent little girl uses Peter Rickman and a catatonic, pediatric patient to form an alliance with Hook and Mrs. Druse.

It's being reported that Face/Off scribes Mike Werb and Michael Colleary have been tapped to write Pet Sematary for Paramount Pictures, a remake of the classic Stephen King adaptation.
Thanks to Bloody Disgusting.

An interview with David Koepp, screenwriter/director of Secret Window as well as several reviews is now online.

John Turturro talks Secret Window

Posted: March 10, 2004.

Now you can pre-order The Dark Tower VII from The price is $35.00.

John Turturro talks about Secret Window in an online interview. And there is now a review of the movie online.

Sony Pictures Kingdom Hospital site has gotten an update and now contains a lot more then it did before. There are also a lot of art from Kingdom Hospital by Jamie Wyeth for sale right now.

Five clips from Secret Window

Posted: March 9, 2004.

Five clips from Secret Window are now online.

Cemetery Dance Publications will begin running excerpts from The Devil's Wine in next week's Cemetery Dance Weekly email newsletter! This anthology features poetry from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, and many other great authors!

If you're not already a subscriber, this is a FREE newsletter and you can sign-up at their site.

King posted the following

Posted: March 8, 2004.

Today I took a look at the second episode of Kingdom Hospital and if you want a taste of what to expect this upcoming Wednesday you can read my review.

King posted the following in a mail to all the subscribers to his update mail:

Dear Constant Reader:

Thanks for making episode 1 an excellent success! The premiere of Kingdom Hospital did better than any ABC dramatic series in over 5 years! But we don’t want to drop the ball now, so stick with us for episode 2 (Wed. March 10th at 10 PM). Remember that Kingdom Hospital is a “novelization for television”. Like a novel, it will pay back dividends but you will have to give it a little bit of time.

Best wishes,

Stephen King

Image from Song of Susannah

Posted: March 6, 2004.

Here is a new image from Song of Susannah by Darrel Anderson.

Airdates for Kingdom Hospital

Posted: March 5, 2004.

Here are the titles and airdates for the next six episodes of Kingdom Hospital:

02: Death's Kingdom (March 10, 2004)
03: Goodbye Kiss (March 17, 2004)
04: The West Side of Midnight (March 24, 2004)
05: Hook's Kingdom (March 31, 2004)
06: The Young And The Headless (April 7, 2004)
07: Black Noise (April 14, 2004)

First 5 episodes of Dead Zone

Posted: March 4, 2004.

An averaged of 15 million viewers saw the premier of Kingdom Hospital and there is now a behind the scenes and a new description of episode 2 online.

Season 3 of The Dead Zone premiers on USA Network on June 13 with a two-part episode entitled Finding Rachel. Here are the airdates and titles of the first 5 episodes:

01: Finding Rachel (part 1) (June 13, 2004)
02: Finding Rachel (part 2) (June 20, 2004)
03: Collision (June 27, 2004)
04: Cold Hard Truth (July 4, 2004)
05: Total Awareness (July 11, 2004)

Kingdom Hospital Contest over

Posted: March 3, 2004.

Today the first episode of Kingdom Hospital premiers on ABC. After you have seen it you can come back here and read a description of what will happen in episode 2. Also, 2 more episodes of Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse are now online.

The winners of Lilja's Library's Kingdom Hospital Contest have now been notified by mail. Here are the right answers:

Question 1: The Kingdom
Question 2: Andrew McCarthy
Question 3: Craig Baxley

Question 2 and 3 didn't cause any bigger problems but many of you answered Riget on question 1. That is the Danish (original) title but what I asked for was the English title of the Danish original, The Kingdom.

An interview with Johnny Depp and John Turturro from Secret Window is up at Extra.

Chappelle's Show airs at 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays on Comedy Central, with several repeats through the week. Tonight's episode features guest stars Eddie Griffin, Stephen King and Killer Mike.
Thanks to Bev Vincent

Spoiler for Song of Susannah

Posted: March 2, 2004.

With only one day left until Kingdom Hospital premiers the Net is flooded with reviews and articles about the show.

Don't forget that Andrew McCarthy will be on both Good Morning America and The View tomorrow (March 3). My guess is that it's to promote Kingdom Hospital.

In another article (about how a reporter ended up being a character in a King book) there is a spoiler for Song of Susannah. Please read it on your own risk though and don't blame me if you find something you didn't want to know.

Kingdom Hospital interview

Posted: March 1, 2004.

Today I have a new Kingdom Hospital interview for you. I recently got a chat with Ed Begley Jr who plays Dr. Jesse James. Also, don't forget last weeks interview with Richard Dooling, the producer and writer of several Kingdom Hospital episodes.

Lilja's Library's Kingdom Hospital Contest has now ended and the 10 winners will be notified by mail on March 3, 2004.

The Rating Game

Posted: February 29, 2004.

King returns in the March 5, 2004 (#754 with TV's FRIENDS on the cover) issue of Entertainment Weekly with his Pop of King column titled The Rating Game in which he takes on the film rating system.
Thanks to Jonathan Reitan.

The Kingdom Hospital Game is now up on the official Kingdom Hospital site.

More articles about Kingdom Hospital are now online. In one King says that the series is the best he's ever done.

Also, 2 more episodes of Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse is now online and ABC affiliates are showing the entire ˝ hour so, check your local listings for when it's on in your town.

Cemetery Dance will release the book Great Ghost Stories: Tales of Madness and Mystery in April this year. The book will contain King's The Reaper's Image and King will also sign the lettered edition.

King might do a cameo in Kingdom Hospital

Posted: February 28, 2004.

King might do a cameo in Kingdom Hospital and he already has a synopsis for a possible second season. Also, the pain room is now operational on the Kingdom site and 18 episodes of Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse is now online.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: February 26, 2004.

Today I have a new interview for you. I got a chat with Richard Dooling. The man who is the producer and writer of several Kingdom Hospital episodes.

There is also a new trailer for Kingdom Hospital online. It's not that different from the last one but still, there are some new scenes.

And there is a whole bunch of articles/reviews about the show.

Kingdom Hospital in TV Guide

Posted: February 25, 2004.

King's official site reports that Kingdom Hospital is featured in TV Guide and that the first review has appeared in Time Magazine. Readers of this site knows though that the first review appeared here about a week ago...

The Ultimate Stephen King Trivia Book

Posted: February 24, 2004.

Scribner has The Dark Tower VII listed as being 768 pages long. Wolves of the Calla were 736 and Song of Susannah will be 432 pages long (this is all for the US editions).

A new article about Kingdom Hospital is now online and to the right you can see the latest ad for it. It's also official that the song Worry About You by Ivy has been chosen as the theme song for the series.

Over at Andrew McCarthy's official siteyou can now read an interview with him.

Brian Freeman and Bev Vincent are joining forces to produce a the book The Ultimate Stephen King Trivia Book in which you can get your questions published. Read more on the official site.

A documentary about Eleanor Druse

Posted: February 23, 2004.

TNT's official Salem's Lot site is now online. There are some quite interesting images to check out.

According to Andrew McCarthy's official site he will be on both Good Morning America and The View on March 3. It doesn't say on the site but my guess is that it's to promote Kingdom Hospital.

You can also check out part 9-10 of documentary about Eleanor Druse; Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse. I don't know what happened to part 6-8 but I guess they will be online soon.

There is also an article about the documentary and an interview with Bruce Davison online.

Rest Stop

Posted: February 20, 2004.

If you missed Rest Stop when it appeared in Esquire last year you can now read it online.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Some updates have been done to the official Secret Window site.

Song of Susannah in Germany

Posted: February 19, 2004.

On ABC's Kingdom Hospital site you can now see the first five parts of the documentary about Eleanor Druse; Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse. To the right is a picture of the real Sally Druse.

Today I got confirmation from King's German publisher that they will release Song of Susannah in June as the US and UK publisher.

It seams like The Talisman may be filmed in Canada.

Salem's Lot review

Posted: February 18, 2004.

Two new reviews are now available. I have listen to the new audio edition of Salem's Lot and I have seen the pilot of Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital.

Investigating Kingdom Hospital

Posted: February 17, 2004.

ABC's Kingdom Hospital site has gotten a really nice update. In the "Media" section you can see the documentary about Eleanor Druse in Investigating Kingdom Hospital: The Journals of Eleanor Druse.

I can also tell you that I saw the pilot today and boy oh boy. This is the best King has written for TV, ever if you ask me. I will have a review about it later this week where I'll tell you more.

The Dark Tower VII to be released September 21

Posted: February 16, 2004.

I just got confirmation from Hodder & Stoughton that the UK edition of The Dark Tower VII - The Dark Tower will be released on September 21.

Hodder & Stoughton will release the UK trade paperback of The Dark Tower V - Wolves of the Calla on 3 January 2005 but you can pre-order today.

Don't forget about Lilja's Library's Kingdom Hospital Contest. You have until February 29 to enter.

Song of Susannah

Posted: February 14, 2004.

Now you can pre-order the UK edition of Song of Susannah.

Song of Susannah

Posted: February 13, 2004.

Two interesting sites about Kingdom Hospital have appeared online. One is Sony's official site and the other is a picture site for episodes one.

Anthony Michael Hall has now answered more fan question on the official Dead Zone site. Now you can also ask several of the cast member's questions.

Grant says in an e-mail that was sent out today that they are NOT yet accepting orders for Song of Susannah but when they do they will send out a newsletter announcing the fact and update the web site to accept orders. This will probably be towards the end of March. The Artist and Deluxe editions will be released a week or two earlier then the trade edition that is being released June 8.

Devil's Wine

Posted: February 12, 2004.

I have gotten my hands on a radio spot from ABC for Kingdom Hospital that I have now put online so that you can all hear it.

Here is a first look at the poster for Secret Window. Some new images as well as new info have also been released

Here is the finished cover of Devil's Wine from Cematary Dance.

The release of the DVD box with season 2 of The Dead Zone has been moved from March 16 until June 8.
Thanks to Terry Warrick.

A new book about King has just been released. It's called Stephen King and is written by Karin Coddon. This is how she describe the book:

The book is an anthology of critical essays about King, some of which deal with broad themes in his body of work, others that focus on specific novels or stories. I also have a section of essays by or interviews with King himself. My introduction consists of a biographical essay and an appraisal of King's work, with an emphasis on the social and cultural dimensions of his novels.

You can order it either from or

Kingdom Hospital Contest

Posted: February 11, 2004.

Today I'm very proud to present Lilja's Library's Kingdom Hospital Contest. By entering you have the chance to win a prize pack consisting of one copy of the book The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident, one set of Kingdom Hospital scrubs (see picture) and one glow in the dark t-shirt. As usual the contest is open to people everywhere!

Fangoria has a taken a first look at Riding the Bullet.

The Mist

Posted: February 10, 2004.

Here is a first look at two Kingdom Hospital print ads. I'm proud to be able to let you see them before they are appearing in magazines and billboards.

Frank Darabont wants to make The Mist in black and white.

Hodder & Stoughton has confirmed that the June release date for The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah also is the release date for the UK edition.

NAL have moved up the release of The Road To The Dark Tower to October.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Posted: February 9, 2004.

The pop-up edition of The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon will be released in September. It will be 16 pages long and Illustrated by Alan Dingman and adapted by Peter Abrahams. You can pre-order it at today!

I have gotten an English translation of the German description of The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah. Please be aware thought that it has a HUGE SPOILER, so read it at your own risk and don't blame me after :-)

The International Horror Guild

Posted: February 8, 2004.

With only 4 month left until The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah is released I have put together a little something that may help you order the Dark Tower books you don't already have.

King will receive The International Horror Guild annual Living Legend Award. King is also connected to 5 other nominations. Read more here.
Thanks to Creature Corner.

BIG Dark Tower news

Posted: February 7, 2004.

BIG Dark Tower news today. The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah has been moved from late August to June 8 and The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower has been moved from November to September 21 (King's birthday).

What's also interesting is that the German edition of The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah has a release date set to May, at least a week ahead of the US edition (if that is late May). I know that there where talks about that the German edition of Wolves of the Calla would be released prior to the US edition that turned out to be wrong but remember that Heyne released the German edition of From a Buick 8 six month before the US edition was released... Below is a scan of their summer catalog with info about the book.

You Don't Know Jackson

Posted: February 6, 2004.

King returns in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (#751, Feb. 13, with the Survivor cast on cover) in his column titled You Don't Know Jackson where he defends Michael Jackson.
Thanks to Bev Vincent and Jonathan Reitan.

The Dead Zone and Salem's Lot

Posted: February 5, 2004.

More info about Sarah Wynter's character (Rebecca Caldwell) in The Dead Zone has now been released.

Three new official images from Salem's Lot have now been released. They look really nice!

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: February 4, 2004.

Here are the three dates for Kingdom Hospital that has been confirmed (with each episodes title):

March 3 - 9:00 - 11:00 pm Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital - "Thy Kingdom Come"
March 10 - 10:00 - 11:00 pm Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital - "Death's Kingdom"
March 17 - 10:00 - 11:00 pm Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital - "Goodbye Kiss"

Sarah Wynter (Fox's "24") has been tapped as a recurring actress as a therapist on six episodes of The Dead Zone.

I found some interesting sites today in connection to the upcoming miniseries Salem's Lot.

One is a site for Zac Richmond who plays Ralphie Glick. The site has some interesting images and the other is for a make-up company called The Make-Up Biz who has an image of a mask for Rutger Hauer.

The Dead Zone

Posted: February 3, 2004.

Here is the UK cover for Song of Susannah. The book is 592 pages long.
Thanks to Alex and John Hanic.

Here is the cover of the DVD box with the second season of The Dead Zone. The release date is March 16 and you can preorder it here.

Other DVD's that will be released soon is a Firestarter Two-Movie Collection with both the original Firestarter and Firestarter 2: Rekindled. The Firestarter films come anamorphic widescreen and are due on June 1st and retails for $19.98. Since the original Firestarter film DVD had a pretty bad picture quality and sound, hopefully this is improved. You can preorder it here.

A Shawshank Redemption: Special Edition is planned for September DVD release by Warner Bros. to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary. Frank Darabont say's he'll be recording a new audio commentary track for the release.
Thanks to Terry Warrick for all the DVD news.

Review of The Man in the Black Suit

Posted: February 2, 2004.

What is happening to the movie version of The Talisman...

Now you can check out my review of the latest Dollar Baby, The Man in the Black Suit.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: February 1, 2004.

In the latest press release from ABC about Kingdom Hospital there is a nice description of the plot of the pilot. More images from the show have been released as well.

With all this news about Kingdom Hospital pouring in, don't forget that you can subscribe to news updates from Lilja's Library. This way you won't miss any news concerning King.

Song of Susannah

Posted: v.

Now you can pre-order the hardback of Song of Susannah from Scribner/Grant and if you haven't already you can also pre-order the audio editions on CD and Cassette.

Song of Susannah will be 432 pages

Posted: January 29, 2004.

According to Scribner Song of Susannah will be 432 pages long (Wolves of the Calla was 736 pages long).

A review of Salem's Lot can now be found online.

New Amsterdam Entertainment is currently developing the feature film The Night Flier II: Fear of Flying with Night Flier writer/director Mark Pavia.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Trailer for Kingdom Hospital

Posted: January 27, 2004.

A second trailer for Kingdom Hospital is now online. This one looks even better then the first one!

More stills from Secret Window are now online.

Review of The Journals of Eleanor Druse

Posted: January 26, 2004.

My review of The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident is now online.

In other Kingdom Hospital news:

Here is a contest where you can win a trip to set in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately it's only open to legal U.S. residents, 18 or older.

A new site dedicated to the upcoming Kingdom Hospital is now online.

Here is the cover for the paperback of From the Borderlands. Please note that Strieber's name is misspelled and will be corrected in the final edition.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Secret Window

Posted: January 22, 2004.

Secret Window is opening six weeks earlier than originally planned. The new release date is March 12.

The Talisman

Posted: January 21, 2004.

I'm glad to let you know that a link to Lilja's Library has been placed on author Richard Dooling's website. Richard collaborated with King on Kingdom Hospital and on his site there is a link to an interview with Andrew McCarthy (Dr. Hook) made by CNN.

Ehren Kruger is working on The Talisman, the Stephen King adaptation being produced by Steven Spielberg and Kennedy/Marshall for DreamWorks and Universal. That film is set to shoot this summer.

I found two new photos from the set of Salem's Lot online today. They are from lisa Gerrard's site. Lisa has done the soundtrack to the miniseries.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: January 20, 2004.

Today I'm extremely proud to be able to give you the first trailer for Kingdom Hospital. In fact, this trailer makes it's Internet premier at Lilja's Library, how cool is that?

Hi-Res - - - Lo-Res

If you go to you will find the official site for Kingdom Hospital. It's a really impressive site and you better have a lot of time to spend there. Check it out! Oh, and don't forget to hit refresh every now and then. When you do, the pages change...

Here's a banner ad from this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. The last page of the same issue state that King would return in the future with his column after he recovered from his illness.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: January 19, 2004.

Here is one of the four images from Kingdom Hospital that was in Entertainment Weekly. You can see the other three as well as an article about the series by clicking the link.

Also, please keep an eye on this url today and tomorrow.

Song of Susannah

Posted: January 18, 2004.

Here is the cover (for the first time in color) of the US hardcover of Song of Susannah.

Borderlines 5 will be out in paperback in September 2004. It will then be called From the Borderlands and you can pre-order it now.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

In July 2004 the first season of The Twilight Zone will be released on DVD. Season one contains King's Gramma.
Thanks to Terry Warrick.

Riding the Bullet

Posted: January 16, 2004.

I got an email from Mick Garris today in which he told me that Riding the Bullet has completed production, and that he has just begun the editing process. He also told me that filming went extremely well, and that he hopes to be able to release it theatrically on or around Halloween. He also sent me the picture (to the right) of him and the reaper on the set.

In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly (with Halle Berry as Catwoman on the cover) there are some great pictures from Kingdom Hospital and an interview with executive producer Mark Carliner in which he states that King told him he could have the next 13 episodes written by June...

Luckey Quarter

Posted: January 12, 2004.

A new Dollar Baby has appeared. It's Luckey Quarter that has been turned into a short film. It's done by Robert David Cochrane who also did the winning entry in The Gunslinger contest.

On his site (Bronstine Productions) you can see a trailer for Luckey Quarter and more.

Luckey Quarter will premier in January in Park City, Utah.
Thanks to Bev Vincent.

I know what you Need

Posted: January 11, 2004.

It seams like we will get to see I know what you Need during 2004.

Secret Window

Posted: January 9, 2004.

The clip from Secret Window that premiered yesterday on Entertainment Weekly is now online. The movie has also gotten an official site where you can find the first trailer.

Thanks to Bev Vincent that by the way also have a short story in the upcoming issue of Lighthouse Magazine called Diver Down.

Secret Window

Posted: January 8, 2004.

A trailer for Secret Window will premier tonight at Entertainment Weekly. The movie will premier April 23, 2004.

The news about the upcoming remake of Salem's Lot continues to appear on line. Today there where two new articles posted.

The latest issue of Media One features an interview with Ridley Pearson, as well as with Doveed Linder – Director of Strawberry Spring and the latest issue of Lighthouse Magazine features Blackhouse which is news about Stephen King, read more on the official site.

Salem's Lot

Posted: January 7, 2004.

Some info and pictures from the upcoming remake of Salem's Lot has started to pop up. The main reason for this is that Rob Lowe is out on a television critics tour talking about it. Read and see more here

Click image to get a better look.

Kingdom Hospital

Posted: January 5, 2004.

ABC now has a website dedicated to Kingdom Hospital. 18 images from the show have also been released.

You can order the new audio edition of 'Salem's Lot on either CD or cassette. It was released today.

The Journals of Eleanor Druse

Posted: January 4, 2004.

According to they now ship The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident it now. You can order it from either or

And here you can order the book Pharos: A Ghost Story (that King reviews in from either or

Pharos: A Ghost Story

Posted: January 3, 2004.

King has written a review of Alice Thompson's book Pharos: A Ghost Story. You can read it at

Salem's Lot

Posted: January 2, 2004.

A first review of the remake of Salem's Lot has appeared online and it has only good things to say about it.

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