The Road Virus Heads North

Posted: April 9, 2005

I just saw the Dollar Baby The Road Virus Heads North and it’s a quite good adaptation. There are some things that are different from what I imagined when I read the story though. Before I tell you what, please not that I don’t feel that all the differences are bad, OK?

First the main character Richard Kimmel is a bit older then I imagined. This isn’t worse or better, it’s just different. When reading the story I got the impression he was in his 30’s but here he is in his 50’s I would guess. But like I said, it’s not something that makes that big difference. The actor does a good job playing the role and that’s what important.

I also imagined that the painting was painted (!?!) but here it’s a photo. I can see why this was done (it must have been easier to use photos then paintings…and cheaper) but I think the effect would have been better if it was a painting. The person in the photos is pretty scary though. It looks like a fellow from the 50’s with fangs.

Another thing is that in the movie everything happens so much faster then in the story. I can understand that it’s because they have a shorter time to tell the story but a bit longer movie and a slower pace would have benefit the movie. As it is now the story is told a bit to fast…especially the ending. It’s 21 minutes now and another five minutes would have been very nice.

Lilja's final words about The Road Virus Heads North

The Road Virus Heads North is a good Dollar Baby. It follows the feeling of King’s story even though some of the things have been changed. It’s no big changes so I can live with them and if you get a chance you should definitely see The Road Virus Heads North!

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