Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital - Death's Kingdom

Posted: March 8, 2004
Category: Movies
I have just finished watching episode 2 of Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital, Death's Kingdom. It's a bit shorter then the pilot, only 40 minutes, (without commercials) but just as good.

In Death's Kingdom we get deeper in to each character and the plot thickens. David Hooman, the guy who hit Peter Rickman while he was out running is getting a better look at the hospital in this episode. The confrontation between Dr. Stegman and Sally Druse hits full force, Dr. Hook gets to hear what Sally hears and Antubis (the anteater) gets to show his teeth once more.

There have been some speculations on whether or not Antubis and Oy from King's The Dark Tower series are one and the same. King has now stated that this isn't the case. There has also been some critic about Antubis that he looks like Alf or one of the Muppet's… Well, each of us can think what he/she wants but personally I never saw either Oy or Alf with fangs like Antubis's…maybe one of the Muppets has fangs… Seriously though, I don't have a problem with Antubis. I look forward to see what his role in this will be. You do get a hint in Death's Kingdom but nothing solid.

What also strikes me while watching Death's Kingdom is how nicely done this series is. I mentioned this in my review of the pilot as well but it gets more notable the more I see of it. It looks really fresh and the characters all feel so strange and odd, in a good way.

Lilja's final words about Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital - Death's Kingdom:

So, if you missed the pilot, jump in this week. There will be a short "last time on Kingdom Hospital" segment that'll bring you up to speed. If you did watch last week, well, then I don't have to tell you to turn in this week as well.

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