The Mist Episode 9 – The Walking Dream

Posted: August 18, 2017
Category: Movies
Last week’s episode of The Mist was a move up and I remembered thinking that I hoped they would keep the momentum going and keep it interesting. And to some extent they succeed in doing just that in this week’s episode. The whole Adrian thing is kept interesting as he meets up with Alex and Eve at the mall. He tells them his story about how Kev died. What’s interesting is that before he does, we get to see him practice his “speech” to himself. Adrian is one sick individual and I like it.

Kev on the other hand is caught in the house and with the help of the game store employee from the mall he finds safety in a different house. The plan is to run from house to house until they get to the mall. A plan that will take a long time to execute but before they get further than their first stop they run into trouble in the form of a deranged man with a gun who has already killed a couple of army men. But they handle it and then all of a sudden they have a car and pretty quickly get to the mall. Oh, that’s right. Before that Kev is caught in the mist and has to battle himself…

At the mall Gus is accusing Alex of killing the woman Gus actually killed and everyone seems to buy into his story without any questions even though he looks guilty like hell. But I won’t complain too much about that because it takes the focus off all the scenes where Eve is threatening, hitting, talking mean to or eyeballing Jay. That part of the plot has become so very tiresome and dragged out far too much.

Then we have Natalie and Connor. I can in some way believe Natalie with all her craziness but Connor? I really don’t buy into him getting so brainwashed by Natalie and so fast. He is now not only willing to kill his son for something he didn’t do but he is also okay with leaving people behind so they get eaten by rats. I don’t buy it.

But the show’s biggest problem now is the mist. Sure, it gives everyone hallucinations but there are no monsters. I’m starting to think that it’s no mist at all. It’s a gas that the military have released. Either intentionally or by mistake. And speaking of military, the show ends with Bryan (who isn’t Bryan) getting recognized by a man in the mall who obviously sees him as his commander…

Lilja's final words about The Mist Episode 9 – The Walking Dream:

One episode left and then season 1 is over. And I think that a lot of what happens in that last episode will determine if we get a second season. They need to make us want more. Make us want to know what happens to the characters. And make us care about the characters.