The Mist episode 6 – The Devil You Know

Posted: July 28, 2017
Category: Movies
What is happening with The Mist? Well, judging from episode 6, nothing! The episode was extremely slow on all fronts. In the churches the same struggle that has been going on for a while continued. Father Romanov and Natalie fighting about whose religion is the right one. At the hospital, Kevin was captured by a mad doctor who tried to let the mist in to see what it was doing to him. He had done the experiment twice before and I have no idea what different result he was expecting to get now. Mia ran away in the car to some house and had some hallucinations with her (presumable) dead mother and then returned. And in the mall bad ass mom Eve kicked teenaged ass. And that was about it.

So, I got to wonder. Why aren’t we seeing any monsters in the mist? Has the mist been forgotten? It was present but we didn’t see much or it. Could just as easily have been smoke from a fire. I know this series will stray from King’s story but I don’t think they can stay away from the monsters… A big problem with the series is that we’ve now seen six episodes out of ten and so little has happened. This episode and the previous one didn’t drive the story forward one bit. They are still standing in the same place as they did in episode four. And that is a problem.

Lilja's final words about The Mist episode 6 – The Devil You Know:

I will continue to watch the show but my hopes for it are thinning like a mist…(pun intended) and it needs to pick up speed very soon if it wants to keep viewers interested.