Under the Dome

Posted: September 19, 2013
Category: Movies
Under the Dome is the story about how the town of Chester 's Mill is trapped under a large translucent dome. You can’t punch a hole in it, you are unable to lift it and sneak out under it, and it’s not possible to dig a tunnel under it. The town is isolated. This is the setup for the show. The first’s season consists of 13 episodes and the plan was to have each episode equal to one day in the towns people’s lives. A plan poorly executed.

At first, the people are shocked by what’s happened but the more time that passes the more they start adapting to it. Some very easy… People with power like Jim Rennie makes sure they get even more power. People with secrets try to keep those secrets hidden. Some success and some don’t. As you can hear everything is set up for a really good show, maybe one of the best. But...unfortunately it not.

The scripts are poorly written, the characters act and react very strange, the dialogue feels more like something from a daytime soap opera then from a King story and the biggest mistake; they make the dome a character; a character that speaks to some of the main characters. The "speaking" is the final straw for me. It’s lame and it doesn’t work at all. It’s just silly!

As for the character acting and reacting strange, how about this

When Dodee finds out that Big Jim is a killer her first reaction is fear…for one second. Then she helps him and quite gladly, and then again she is surprised when he kills her. This is BAD TV at its best. I just kept rolling my eyes and thinking how can they allow this? Don’t they care? And what’s even worse, they uses bad actors. Worst are Colin Ford and Mackenzie Lintz who plays Joe and Norrie. And those who can act, like Dean Norris who plays Big Jim gets so poorly written scripts that his performance is almost as bad.

Lilja's final words about Under the Dome:

All in all "Under the Dome" is crap as a TV show. Wasted! What could have been really good is now just another really bad adaptation of a King book. And still there will be a season 2 in 2014… Why?