Haven - Episode 11

Posted: December 9, 2010
Category: Movies
Episode 11 has the title The Trial of Audrey Parker and is probably the episode that has the worst title so far. Not that it’s bad in itself but it doesn’t describe what happens in the episode. There is no trial. What happens is that Audrey’s boss arrived in Haven and wants to know what she has been up to. Why she hasn’t come home and why he should keep her there. Audrey explains that strange things happen in Haven and that she hasn’t put all of it in her reports.

This “trial” takes place onboard Duke’s boat that has been hijacked by two men that wants something Duke has. A package that Duke himself doesn’t know what’s in it. While they are on the hijacked boat Nathan is trying to find them and at the same time get back on track with his dad. Well, it’s more Chief Wuornos that’s trying to get back together with his son than the other way around…

The episode doesn’t bring us much closer to the conclusion of the mystery with The Colorado Kid and with only two episodes left it feels like it should have. The Trial of Audrey Parker is more of an episode that just fills the season then it brings us closer to the end. It’s not a bad episode but it’s not one of the better either I’m afraid.

Some thoughts on the script…

While reading the script for this episode I once again realized how describing the scripts are. And even though they translate those details into the TV show it's a rare opportunity to be able to check out the scripts as well. They are actually telling us things we (or at least I) didn't notice when I watched the episode.

I actually think that there would be a rather big marked if the studios where interested in selling scripts. Like all 13 from season one of Haven in a hardback.

Lilja's final words about Haven - Episode 11:

Once again, the episodes title is a bit disappointing. I was expecting more…

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