Collectors ed. of Under the Dome

Posted: July 15, 2009, 19:14
This was just posted by the Moderator on the Stephen King Message Board:

I've been authorized to release the official information from Scribner about the collector's editions, so here you go:

Scribner will publish two Collector’s Editions. The regular Collector’s Edition will have a special jacket with a belly band, a stamped case, four-color printed endpapers, a ribbon marker, and will contain a set of 27 special trading cards featuring drawings of characters from the book (drawn by cartoonist Matthew Diffee). These drawings will also be featured in the book—as a frontispiece image and on the 26 part title pages. The book will be shrink-wrapped and Scribner will print only 25,000 copies of this edition, priced at $75.

Scribner is also offering 1,500 copies of a signed, limited Collector’s Edition. This contains all the special elements listed above, plus the book will be signed by the author. This is priced at $200.

Thanks to John Hanic